The course is now known as Emerging Issues in Human Rights.

In the summer of 2011, Professor Marilou McPhedran launched the inaugural Adventures in Global Citizenship course at the University of Winnipeg in conjunction with Rotary World Peace Partners International and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
The course aims to introduce students to global challenges and opportunities in human rights and global studies through a wide range of course content.

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Aaron Cohen / CMHR-MCDP

“I have had the honor and the gift of being able to design what for me is an ideal introduction to human rights, because in much of the work that I have done as a human rights lawyer […] I have realized that there is a huge gap between our ideals and our hopes and our skills. And one of the biggest issues, when one starts to work in the human rights field, is to reconcile the pain, the disappointment, the frustration, the fear, generated by that huge gap. […] My students are used to me saying: ‘Know your stuff.’ But knowing your stuff is not enough – you have to be able to use your stuff. You have to able to use your knowledge. You can know everything there is to know, about every human rights treaty that we have in this world, and you can [still] do real damage on the ground, on the frontlines.”- Professor Marilou McPhedran


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