Day 10 – Last Day!


Day 9!

Katrina Leclerc from Global Network for Peacebuilders introduced us to Congolese women participating in the Girl Ambassador’s for Peace program via Skype!


More sparks and group presentations


Philippe Jacques showed the class how the way our bodies move can mimic the ways in which human rights function in the world.


Diane Redsky from Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre spoke to the class at Ma Mawi, about the work they do to keep families together and to deter the sexual exploitation of young Indigenous peoples in Winnipeg.


Alana Lajoie-O’Malley gave a lecture on climate change and human rights.




Nadia Kidwai finished off the day with a lecture about religious intolerance, diversity & women’s rights.



Day 8!

First day of group presentations!

Emily Ternette gave a lecture on disability rights and her experiences as an activist.


Guest lecturer Lloyd Kornelsen engaged students in an animated dialogue about global citizenship



Day 7!

Class spent the morning with Donald Benham at Winnipeg Harvest.




Laura Normand from Canadian Foodgrains Bank spoke to the class about global food insecurities and refugees. Students then engaged in a role play scenario of the refugee experience escaping violence and coming to a safe country.



Day 6!

Another day spent at the CMHR.


Kim, Darrah, Rick, RainShyne, and Dagm did their Spark presentation on sexual consent.



IMG_1547fullsizeoutput_7f1Students listening intently to Prof. McPhedran.



fullsizeoutput_7efElder Albert McLeod doing a pipe ceremony in Buhler Hall at the CMHR.



Professor McPhedran spoke to Rotary’s Adventures in Human Rights high school students about the importance of being able to live your human rights.



fullsizeoutput_85fDesiree asking Rotarian Fellow Eduardo da Costa about the Global Peace Index.



fullsizeoutput_85eDarcy Ataman giving advice to James, RainShyne and Keshia about their video essay.



Students Regan, Bailey, Desiree and Carinne presented a few storyboards for their video essay to the class.




Melanie and her group’s video essay vision.



Day 5!

Class heard from Prof. McPhedran about the United Nations human rights monitory systems such as the Universal Periodic Review. Students engaged in a simulation of the UPR procession.

IMG_1441IMG_1444 (1)





Day 4!

The class spent all day at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights where they heard from four different expert guest lecturers.


Baily, Gabby, Naa, Nav and Stef doing a group ‘Spark’ presentation about sexual violence.



Shamin Brown spoke about her experiences on sex trafficking and prostitution.


Shamin Brown spoke about the idea of choice and how complex it can be when we look at sex trafficking and prostitution.




Professor Marilou McPhedran showed the video ‘Constitute NOW’ which tells the story of the largest social mobilization of women in Canadian history in the 20th century. Led by the Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women and the Constitution, women and other activists across the country fought to gain stronger equality provisions were entrenched in the newly repatriated Constitution’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Sections 15 and 28).IMG_1301

Professor Marilou McPhedran introduces Art Miki.



Art Miki lectured on Japanese Internment camps during WW2 and how he and his community fought to have the Japanese-Canadian experience acknowledged by the Canadian government.


Our classmate Vince presented Art Miki with a thank you gift.


Armando Perla spoke to the students about refugee rights in Canada and his experience as an asylum seeker in Canada.


Dagn presented Armando Perla with a thank you gift.


Clint Curle closed the day off with an in depth discussion on genocide and mass atrocities.



Day 3!

Students visited Ka Ni Kanichihk, where founder Leslie Spillet and her daughter Tasha talked about how Indigenous Peoples in Canada have had their human rights infringed upon as a result of settler colonialism and how colonialism is still functioning today.






Day 2!

Guest lecturer Kristi Kenyon talks to the students about how research and human rights activism can inform one another.


Guest lecturer Lise Pinkos welcomed students to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


Guest lecturer and CMHR curator Karine Duhamel talked to the students about Indigenous rights and representation at the CMHR,



Folklarama 2017