The Human Rights UniverCITY Summer Institute was hosted at the University of Winnipeg Global College hosting the annual Emerging Issues in Human Rights course. It was a unique intensive six-credit hour University of Winnipeg Global College summer course. Registration for the course is currently suspended but was designed to begin the Tuesday after the August long weekend – begin during the spring course registration period in late March, early April. Students must provide an introductory memo and receive permission from Sen. McPhedran in order to register for this course. Therefore, it is advised to contact the institution in early March to receive permission before your registration date.

In order to participate in Emerging Issues in Human Rights, students must be accepted as a student (or a visiting student) to the institution and have the permission of the course director, Sen. Marilou McPhedran. Please see the information below for instructions.


Please note: visiting students must comply with all of their home university’s requirements in order to receive academic credit. This may include (but is not limited to) a Letter of Permission prior to admission and an official transcript upon course completion. The fees associated with the home university’s requirements are additional to the tuition paid for Spring and Summer Institutes. The student is solely responsible for any and all fees, permissions and/or deadlines related to receiving credit for Emerging Issues in Human Rights.


Students who are already registered at the institution can register for Emerging Issues in Human Rights in the normal process, once they have received permission from Senator McPhedran.


Bursary applications have been available in the past.



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