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“I appreciate the way in which the course provides a tremendous opportunity for learning about human rights and also offers a communal space for exploring ways of cultivating a human rights culture through this notion of global citizenship. The course is a really a powerful tool for raising awareness about human rights stories of struggle and resiliency, and of the need for individual and collective responsibility to champion human rights for the countless children, women, and men whose daily realities remain affected by abuse and social injustice.”

-Mavis Matenge; guest lecturer

“I couldn’t have predicted how monumental and riveting this course was. I learned a lot about myself and about the people I share this world with … I believe that this course should be taken by everyone.”

-Graeme C;  student

“The AGC program brings us one step closer to world harmony.”

-Dr. Rais Khan; guest lecturer, Rotarian

“I would like to commend the Global College faculty’s involvement in this course – during and prior to. I think that this is a wonderful course, however constrained it may be to a week, it is still very educational and inspiring. I think that the faculty as well as the others who were part of the planning have definitely made this course worthwhile. The speakers were well chosen and very knowledgeable, the activities were fun and engaging and very well thought of … I can say that throughout the three years of university, this is the most dynamic course I have ever been in, and the most engaging one as well. This is also one of the most inspiring courses I have ever taken in university. Just a big THANK YOU to Global College!”

-Nikki C;  student

“Youth as the future of world peace” by Quinn Ferris



“I found this to be the best course I have ever taken, and I feel that I have been taught more from this one week, then many of my other high school courses that took place over an entire year. Thank you very much for this opportunity, it was an unbelievable experience and I can’t wait to learn some more!”

-Matt P; 2011 student

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